Policy statement ISO

ISO policy statement

NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 quality management system

The policy of our firm is focused on continuously meeting the high expectations of P5COM’s relations, both internally and externally.

Paramount in this policy is the aim to provide our clients with the greatest added value and help them to achieve their strategic objectives. Another key focus of our policy is therefore to select, maintain, and enhance the knowledge and skills of our people. Satisfying the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 in order to ensure and continuously improve the quality management system helps us to achieve these aims.

In the area of quality, our policy is focused on:

  • maintaining and enhancing customer satisfaction and client focus;
  • adding to the experience and expertise of our people;
  • complying at all times with statutory and regulatory requirements;
  • establishing a framework for the definition of quality objectives and continuous improvement;
  • committing to external and internal quality assurance and continuous process improvement;
  • helping to create clarity in the firm by defining responsibilities, authorities, procedures, and ways of working in the area of quality;
  • promoting a uniform working method, one that has full play in and contributes to the success of every project;
  • providing services which fulfil the brief and focus on the maximization of opportunities and minimization of risks.

The management of P5COM keeps its employees informed of this policy and associated rules and protocol, oversees implementation of this policy, and makes any necessary revisions. The objectives and KPIs are defined each year and laid down in an annual plan which is communicated to all employees. The objectives and KPIs are proactively monitored, assessed, and directly adjusted where necessary during meetings. Overall performance is assessed by the management on a yearly basis, and relevant parts of their report are available internally and externally for those who are interested.

P5COM is intent on articulating such processes or, where they are referred to in the quality manual, seeing them performed by its employees accordingly. All employees and also third parties who work on behalf of P5COM must subscribe to this policy on their own responsibility and by virtue of their commitment to the quality of our firm and our provision of services.

The management sees to it that this policy statement is assessed at least every three years and revised where necessary.

Blaricum, 14 July 2017

On behalf of the board of management,

Peter Lamme

Managing partner