Stefan van Hoef

Five questions

Five questions

Stefan van Hoef is a management consultant at P5COM. And while on the beach at Zandvoort, he found himself really having to give thought to what that means.

‘I see all my colleagues every six weeks. We get together at our loft in Blaricum – or at an even more inspiring place somewhere in the Netherlands. Those days are exhilarating. People have loads of inspiring stories to share; everyone is so enthusiastic. We update each other about current projects and get to work during training.

The questions

We recently had one of those training sessions at a beach club in Zandvoort. Assignment: ask your colleague five questions.

  1. Why are you a consultant?
  2. Why are you a consultant?
  3. Why are you a consultant?
  4. Why are you a consultant?
  5. Why are you a consultant?

Well… after one question we were done. I haven’t the faintest idea. Consultant? What’s in a name? I like to help people. That’s what I do. Not by writing reports or advising on how something should be done, but by making change happen. I implement change and don’t sign off until it works – preferably at the crossroads of business and society. That’s where things start to grate. That’s what I like. Which is why I work for P5COM. And that’s why I’m a consultant.

And then there was the second question …

But wait. Was that really the whole story? No! There’s more: my car is my office. I enjoy having a look behind the scenes at different housing associations. My learning curve has never been this steep. The bar is set high. Higher and higher. It’s out of reach to me, but my personal development has been making leaps and bounds. The energy, enthusiasm, and drive to perform within the organization give me a boost to do my best. That’s exhilarating.

You get it. It turned into a long stroll along the beach at Zandvoort. Wondering about my answers to questions 3, 4 and 5? Just send me a message on LinkedIn and I’ll be happy to go over them with you.

Stefan van Hoef

Stefan van Hoef

Specialist in property who builds on trust

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