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Working for P5COM: top-level sport for mind and soul

Talent is always welcome at P5COM. But it takes more than that: like a university qualification, a number of years of work experience, and excellent people and analytical skills. What we’re essentially looking for is someone with an A-player mentality: the focus, discipline, and complete dedication of mind and soul.

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Help us to build on something special

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From one person to the next, everyone at P5COM is an expert in reducing complex issues to practicable solutions and getting people involved in change.

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From improved cash flow to higher customer satisfaction and team performance – whether you work for a local authority, in healthcare, education, or the building trade – there is almost always a P5COM consultant who can help you. You can see it in our business cases and by what our clients say. Or just ask, and we’ll be happy to enlighten you.

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